Schmackary’s Special Cookies

In a small place in one of the more hidden quiet streets in Manhattan, there is a very special cookie store. The people going in and out of this store did not come here by accident, they came from a far for a special experience, they came – to the ‘cookie temple’.
I found out about this temple a few years back, it happened completely randomly as me and my friend were walking his dog next to the shop and suddenly his dog started to bark on the picture in front of the building. I guess he thought the dog in the painting looks good J

Ever since, I make sure to drop in every couple of weeks to check out the new and exciting flavors.

On a small counter huddled together like chickens in a hen, at any given time there are at least 10 different types of cookies. Each with its own unique smell, texture, color and taste   

The thing that I like the most in this place, is the smell, since it’s located in a relatively quiet street which is not so crowded, you can actually smell the bake goods while you are in the street. So the experience starts event before you go in to the store. Inside the store you can find some unusual (but surprisingly very tasty) cookies. Such as; Maple Bacon, Green Tea, Chunky Monkey along to old favorites like; peanut butter and chocolate, cinnamon , raisins.It’s said that a young guy from Nebraska with a very strong sense of imagination (not to say amplified by some green herbal useJ) didn’t understand why there is no place that makes crazy special and unique cookies. The same guy started to experiment and made tons of different kinds of cookies, he didn’t settle for ordinary chocolate chip cookies, no. He tried the wildest tastes he could think of. After he found the right balance between crazy but still delicious failovers he decided to move to the big apple and try his luck.  
In 2011 he started selling the cookies online and due to high demand a year later he opened his first store in the city.

After my first visit to the store I decided I would make my own version of the cookies
I invite you to join me to a journey of different smells, flavors, love and passion.

 Press here for the recipe 

And now for the bottom line: is it really worth it??If I’m being honest, I’ve eaten better cookies before. But it’s still worth the visit. It’s different and it’s refreshing and you can’t complete a visit in NYC without having at least a bite from the apple (or the apple baked cookies:)

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