The pizza place you have to meet

2Bros Pizza

How doesn’t know the feeling of the late-night munchies… doesn’t matter if your 18 or 70. Well, for some reason, on NY trips, you get the munchies especially hard.  There must be something in the city where the air smells like food 24/7

After you leave the bar, it’s the perfect time to satisfy your sweet/ savory cravings… you need something good, that would soak the alcohol but that will also give this nice feeling before you turn out for the night. You NEED pizza.

It’s a common fact the NYC is filled with pizza places, you can literally stumble your way to a random pizza place and get a cheesy slice.

But here lays the problem, what to pick?!!, you need a good place where you get chip delicious pizza. NYC is filled with 1$ pizza places, but some… are not worth 1cent.

If you want to get your satisfaction and keep your budget I recommend going to 2Bros Pizza 

You can get 1 slice for 1$, or upgrade and get 2 slices and a soda for 3$. 

This pizza fits munchies just right.

The dough is done at just the right level, not too thick and not too thin with the perfect amount of tomato sauce and then you come to the cheese, which is especially great, no too greasy but still creamy enough so you would enjoy every bite. I have not yet come to talk about the wonderful cheese on the spot.

The toppings… well that’s the only downside for me, don’t get me wrong, the variety is HUGE , you can get your pineapple topping, peperoni, tuna, yam, potatoes and so much more. But the combinations there are not the ones that I would recommend. If you ask me, simple is better, the ‘regular’ cheesy slice is the best.

The place is not big, you can’t really sit and eat (there are a few tables but it’s not a “sit in” vibe), in order to really feel the place just pick up and eat on the go.

Instead you can see the locals arrive and order family pizzas at take-away.

Open every day from 10AM to 12AM

Address: 542W 9th Ave, New York

Let us know what you think? How was your slice?

Been to other nice pizza places, share your recommendations.

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