Chocolate Chip Cookies


I first encountered these cookies in New York at the Schmackary's store. I decided to make my own version of cookies. The Israeli version. I make those cookies whenever I want to pamper guests that come for dinner. 

The recipe is for perfect of chocolate milk enthusiastic, but the recipe also allows to replace the chocolate with other materials so you can use the same recipe and diversify a bit. You substitute the milk chocolate with dark chocolate, roasted nuts, cranberries, and marshmallow, basically you can think of, you can just “get mad”! – That’s the best way to experiment in the kitchen.


160 g brown sugar (2/3 cup compressed)

160 g ‘dumara’ sugar (2/3 cup compressed)

200 g of soft butter

45 g eggs (one egg size S)

3 g baking soda (one teaspoon)

4 g of grounded sea salt (2/3 teaspoon)

300 g flour (2 cups + 2 tablespoons)

300 g of milk chocolate flakes (3 full tables of milk chocolate chopped)


1. Using a mixer with a guitar hook, mix the butter, sugars and salt.

2. Add the egg and continue to mix until the mass is uniform.

3. Add flour and baking soda (in two pulses) and continue to mix until the mass is uniform.

4. Add the chocolate flakes and continue to mix.

5. Create balls from the mass. Each ball should be between 60-90 g (depending on the size of the cookie you want), squash the balls (just a bit! Don’t flatten them entirely), bake at 160 degrees C for about
14-18 minutes.

6. Let cool, take a pic, tag me ion Instagram and invite the whole family to eat :)


If you want extra flavors, you can add different toppings over the mass balls (step5) before baking (more chocolate flakes, nuts, etc.).

I personally like the original recipe the best and don’t want anything coming between me and my chocolate chip flakes