Street foods in NYC you simply cannot miss!

Smorgasburg Williamsburg

You’ve probably heard about this place since it’s one of the most famous food markets in NYC. But I felt obligated to write about it as well as this place became one of my regular Saturday brunch places.

The food market is located in the Wilmsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and is one of the largest of the US food markets (visitors wise). The market attracts between 20,000-30,000 people every weekend. In the market you can pick from 80-100 food stands of well-known restaurants and private individuals who set up a food / drink / dessert stand on the spot.

"Smorgusburg" is a group of food markets based in the US. Established by two guys (one of whom was born in Israel and moved to New York). In order to set up a stand in one of the group's food markets, you are required to pass a taste test by the owner – indication of the high level of food sold there.

Among the food stands you can find
Hamburger Ramen - a burger with noodle bun instead of a bread bun, sandwiches with grilled meat and cheese, tortillas in a variety of fillings, pizzas, and special shakes from exotic fruits, ice creams, and homemade American cinnabon. The huge variety promises that anyone, no matter of preference can find something to their liking. There are all kinds of dishes - you can mix between sour, spicy, sweet and salty – something for everyone. If you come as a group I would recommend to get several dishes and share so you can taste something from all the different flavors.

The dishes are no so big, so don’t expect to get full from one, you need at least 2 (and of course additional dessert, because there is always room for dessert – it’s known fact that desserts have a different place in the stomach).

After choosing your food and drink you can sit down on one of the wooden tables looking on the river or take a picnic blanket and just hand out on the grass overlooking the riverbank – the view is so impressive that you can definitely spend a few hours there.

After you've had your full, from the food, drink and the view  you can walk around the street. Since you are basically in the heart of Williamsburg which It is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, there so much to see. There are many art galleries, designer clothing and second hand clothing stores, restaurants, pubs and more. I would take a full day to go to the market and walk around the neighborhood.

A personal recommendation, come early! As I wrote above, this is one of the most (if not THE MOST) touristy market in the US. During lunch time the place is packed… if you come right when it’s open, there will still be other people there – so you wont feel alone, but you would have a much nicer time.
Also – most stands accepts credit cards (some only accept credo cards), but some only accept cash, so be sure to have both available (there is an ATM is you are stuck but come prepared so you won’t have to pay any commission)

The market is open on Saturdays between 11:00am-5:00pm

Address: 90Kent Ave, Brooklyn (open in current location from April to winter)

How was your visit? Any stand you liked in particular? Have other food markets you want to recommend?
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