The Italian place that took the east village by storm

San Marzano

The East Village is the place where things are happening, many art galleries, cafes, ice cream parlors, pubs and a just an overall cool atmosphere.

Although the neighborhood is bustling with life, it still feels home. Maybe because many of the visitors are actually run of the mill New Yorkers. In the heart of the east village there is an amazing Italian restaurant that has rapidly grown a vast fan base.

San Marzano is the name. The restaurant offers a brunch, lunch and evening menus.
First you pick the type of Pasta you want, then add sauce and toppings. So simple and yet so satisfying. I would focus on the main dishes, they cost like the starters and are much more satisfying, it you’re really hungry, order 2 – it’s that affordable J

Personal tip : don’t skip on the dessert! Even if you are full. You need to try it. Order the ricottella . it’s a delicious  deep fried dough filled with ricotta cheese and Nutella, served with side of very rich whipped cream

I ate lots of Italian desserts in my life, this is one of the most delicious desserts I have ever eaten. It's just wonderful.

And the price? The dishes is priced at a New York student's budget, 10$ or less per serving. The portions are not large but at this price, you can order a few dishes and still keep the meal in a decent budget. Keep in mind that there is usually a line for a restaurant so you have to come prepared with a bit of patience, but it’s worth it.

Address: 2nd Ave, New York 117

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