Washington D.C

Washington D.C. the United States capitol, home of power, intrigue and of course excellent food! You are probably wondering why I am writing on D.C. in a food blog that is vastly dedicated to NYC, well the simple answer is that while NYC is my long term partner, D.C. is my mistress, where I go to relax. And it’s just a bus/train ride from NYC.

If you are in NYC, I suggest you schedule 2 days and take a bus/train to D.C. (I personally always take 3 days so I can really get into the D.C. vibe)

After you’ve travelled a few days in NYC, visited Times Square, check out the unique corner and niches in Central Park, You had a stuffed cream cheese American pretzel for breakfast, had your fill with shopping and plowed the city on foot and visited all of the restaurants and markets your truly has recommended J. It’s time to rest up a bit! And what better place than D.C.

So, you may ask, why do I love this city so much? Because, everything here is at a different pace, calm and quiet. After settling down in your hotel, go to 14th Street (one of the city's main streets) and stroll through the restaurants and cafes on the street, sit down for a relaxing meal. Then, visit the White House (you can just take a look from the outside, its impressing enough without taking the complete tour), Visit Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building, all of which are next to each other on Moll Avenue. You can also arrange a free tour of the Capitol through the Capitol site [Tip] if you want to take a tour , book it 2-3 months in advance since the tours gets full rather fast).

Washington is a city of museums, so all of you culture lovers – this is the place for you. The famous Moll Boulevard surrounds many museums, most of which are free of charge and not need to register, just enter. I'm not a museum man myself, but if you are in town, visiting at least two museums is a wonderful experience. A personal recommendation from me, don’t skip on the National Museum of Natural History and on the National Air and Space Museum. If you feel up to it pop over to the National Museum of the American Indian. You will also find a small, well-kept botanical garden just off the Indian Museum. And, did I mention? Its ALL FOR FREE have I said?

Ok, now for the good stuff, you didn’t you really think I'd write to you about D.C. and not recommend where to eat right?

D.C., like any other place in the world, is full of restaurants and cafes. So how do you know where to eat? I always like to walk around the streets, look for restaurants that have many people, look at the menu and surprise myself. So here are some top choices:

  • Ted's Bulletin.
    This is an old school American diner, that looks, feels and tastes exactly as an American diner should be.

The diner is divided into three different areas. When you enter the diner on your left you can see the bakery, there they make all cakes, cookies, tarts and various desserts for the restaurant. You can watch as the chefs are making the desserts. On your right you will notice an alcohol bar where you can order one of the place signature drinks and when you get inside you will enter into the dining hall itself, It’s design is very reminiscent of a  90’s American diner. The diner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are in the city for 3 days as I like to do, visit the diner both in the morning and in the evening. For breakfast, order the pancake, I promise you - you will  get a complete meal that can satisfy at least two people dining together, a pile of 3 large pancakes, an egg of your choice and a crisp, tasty potato crunch. It’s one of the best meals I had!

For dinner I recommend you order one of the burgers on the menu, because eating in an American diner and not eating pancakes or burger is like being in Italy and not eating pizza or pasta.

Finished with your meal? Excellent. Are you full? Well gear up, It's time to open your appetite for dessert. There are two options for you now, whether to order dessert at the diner or go out and eat dessert elsewhere.

If you chose the first option, order Chocolate Cream Pie. This is a crazy chocolate pie with lots of whipped cream that only an American diner can serve. Both delicious and sweet.

If you chose the second option, opposite the diner you will find

  • Jeni's Ice Creams A refreshing ice cream parlor that will treat you for a tasty crispy waffle instead, considering that there is usually a queue of people there.

After such a meal, it is time to return to the hotel for a rest.

The most efficient way to move about the city is using Uber/ lyft/other app, you can also travel by public transport but if you choose Uber Pool the cost will sometimes be cheaper than public transportation (and of course much faster and way more convenient)

In my opinion the best and most fun is experience the vibe is to walk the streets, so just hit the pavement and walk. You need to burn off all of those pancake calories any waysJ. Travel around the quiet streets, drink coffee in one of the city's cafes, do some shopping because you are on a trip but mainly rest and experience what the city has to offer you. In short, enjoy!

Did you visit the city? Do you have any other recommendations? Share me in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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National Mall
National Mall
Ted's Bulletin
Ted's Bulletin
Ted's Bulletin
Ted's Bulletin
Jeni's Ice Creams
Jeni's Ice Creams