The crazy chocolates of New York

Dylan’s Candy Bar

In 2001, Dylan Lauren (daughter of fashion giant Ralph Lauren) established Dylans Candy Bar. Dylan decided to create a candy brand that took after her spirit, combining art, fashion and pop.

Upon entering the shop you will immediately notice a giant candy tree, a staircase with colorful candies on it, shelves that look and are designed like chocolate, colorful wallpapers and, in short, a feast for the eyes. In a moment you will feel like children and without realizing it you will find yourself excited about any crazy candy in the store. A similar feeling to what hansel and Gretel felt when seeing the candy house for the first time – not to worry, no witches here….

Every detail in the design of the stores is carefully examined, each chocolate has a colorful playful package and every candy wrapper is designed in a unique pop design. So even if you do not have children, you may want to go into one of the shops to experience the special atmosphere.

In addition to the 7,000!!! kinds of candy produced by this store chain, you can also buy other products in the same line of design as letters, toys, jewelry, body lotion, perfumes and more.

The chain plans to continue expanding worldwide. Since the opening of the New York flagship location in 2001, Candy Bar Dylan have branched to other locations in the US: Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, and you can see their chocolates in other stores in the city and at the airport.

The flagship store in New York is one of the ‘must visit’ tourist attractions list. Since its establishment it has a steady stream of over 2 million tourists a year.

The store appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, which explains the admiration of more than 200 celebrities and influential people in the US like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, David Beckham, Tom Cruise and more.

My favorite thing about this store is that you can try very unusual flavors of candy that you would not have tried anywhere else. Something about the design and atmosphere there compels you to do it, break out of your sweet ‘comfort zone’.
When was the last time you had chocolate chips chocolate? Or chocolate with Bacon? Or pizza flavored?? I guess it has been a long time … if ever.
Well, next time you are in town – be sure to try it out


1. 1011 3rd Ave, New York

2. 33Union Square W, New York

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