New York's best cheesecakes

Every time I meet new people on my New York food tours  Press here ) ,the first question I get is – why is the subway so slow????  Well, I can’t answer that, but can definitely answer the question that always follows -  “ Liron, where is the best place to get a real authentic  American cheese cake in New York City?". Without a doubt, the cheese cake is one of the most prominent features in the American pastry.

So what's different about the American cheese then other cheese cakes (traditional French or Israeli cheese cake)?

The difference steam from the different palate in each culture. The main difference is In the American cheese cake vs other versions is that in the American version we use a lot of cream cheese which as a high fat content, this is what gives the cake the heavy (“rich”) feeling in both its texture and taste – this rich texture is a repeating theme in the American cuisine . In contrast to the Israeli version that is very ‘fluffy’ and have lower fat content (using white cheese, cream and cream cheese).

So where can you find the best American cheesecake in New York City? I am sure there are many good places but I chose write about 2 places that captured my heart.

  • Marthas Country Bakery

A wonderful American bakery, with several branches in Brooklyn and Queens. The bakery is owned by the Stertsios family,   George Stertsios, wanted the place to have a family feeling decided to name the bakery after his mother – Marta, He also named his little girls Marta so all 3 generations of the Stertsios family are represented in the bakery.

Right when entering the bakery, you will feel as though as you have been teleported to the ealy 2000s and that is the magic of the place. The manner of serving, the appearance of the cakes and the atmosphere will bring you back in time (on the positive side of course).

The only problem with this place… the huge variety! The HUGE showcase window is filled with such a big selection of cheesecakes, you find yourselves drooling for a few minutes. There are so many toppings and versions:  Cheesecake with brownies, cookie dough, oreo, chocolate mousse, strawberry jelly and so much more. In addition to the cheese cakes, you can find wonderful apple strudel, cupcakes, cookies and a variety of cakes and great American desserts. I have yet to tried their entire selection, but it’s definitely one of my 2019 goals.
My favorite branch is in Williamsburg (Article on Williamsburg) so defiantly a must stop as part of your Brooklyn tour.
175Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

  • Juniors Cheesecake

An American winery famous for its excellent cheese cakes. When Harry Rosen opened Junior on election day in 1956, he knew that in order to become a must have establishment in NYC, he had to have the best cheese cake in town.

photo by: Juniors

Harry and his then confectionary chef, Aigel Petersen, conducted laboratory-like experiments in the kitchen to reach their secret cheese cakes recipe, Juniors are using the same recipe to this day. The  cheese cakes are made from very high quality ingredients such as premium cream cheese, fresh cream and fine vanilla.

In 1973, the restaurant won several competitions, the most important of which was the New York Times, which conducted a blind tasting test. The cheese cake ranked first in the competition and won the coveted title of the best cheese cake in town.

Aside from cheese cakes, juniors serves full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. The restaurant has several branches, the oldest branch is located in Brooklyn but the main branch is located near Times Square.
45th Street, 1515 Broadway, New York