Romantic Places in New York City

The most romantic places in NYC you have got to know

The first time I arrived in New York was on a trip with my partner. I remember looking for romantic places in the city, looking for the perfect sunset, the food that is fun to experience and taste together, and those streets that are just fun to walk around hand in hand.

During my food tours in the city I meet a lot of people who come to visit the city, most of whom are couples.

So I decided to blog about all these places, romantic, happy, good vide that you should not miss. But I had a problem, the list was too long and I had to reduce it. I started to think – how the hell am I going to choose?? I decided to go to all those places again, together with my partner and pick the ones we both loved the most

So if you came to the city with your spouse, or just if you want a romantic trip with the company, here comes the countdown:

5 romantic places you must visit in New York!

1. The Press Lounge.

This is 16th floor bar of the Kimpton Ink48 Hotel. The bar offers panoramic views of Manhattan. When you arrive at the bar you will have to decide whether to sit inside or outside. I'll spare you the dilemma. Obviously outside. Each spot in the outdoor bar overlooks another fascinating part of the city. The western part of the bar overlooks the Hudson River and New Jersey.

The bar opened in 2010 and was announced in the New York Times as one of the best lounges in Manhattan and one of the 22 best rooftop lounges in the world. I'll tell you a secret, I might be a bit prejudiced since this is the place where I got my marriage proposal, but this is a story for another time :)

The place is packed with people in the late evening hours, so I would recommend to arrive around 19:00, order one of the cocktails, sit back and watch the sunset and the beautiful city lights shining in the dark. There is nothing more romantic than that.

Address: 653 11th Ave, New York

2. Dominique Ansel Bakery

All start patisserie chef Dominique Ansel, the world's best chef for 2017, has many branches of his patisserie around the world, including two in New York. Dominique is the creator of the famous cronut (a pastry that combines croissants and donuts). Dominique's main branch is located in Soho, but I would like to introduce you to the less central and less known branch located in Chelsea.

This is a small branch, with a cool staircase/ sitting area. After browsing through the different rich and colorful pastry desserts, you can settled down at staircase and soak in the atmosphere. You can watch the passersby in the street and the bakery itself, sniffing the smell of pastries coming out of the oven and opening the day with positive and soothing energies. (They don’t sell the famous kronet at this branch but you can enjoy a whole host of other pastries).

A personal recommendation from me, do not give up on Canelé, it's a French pastry with vanilla and rum flavors with a hard outer crust in dark caramel colors.

Once you are done, go to the nearby streets and stroll around them. Chelsea is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in the city, quiet, thriving and has a special romantic charm that is hard to explain in words.

Address: 189Spring St, New York

3. ChikaLicious Dessert Bar
Is there anything more romantic than eating the perfect American ice cream together? of course not!

Chika Tillman, the owner of this place grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Chika, a Wall Street banker in New York, took part in culinary classes in the city in 1994. She fell in love with the profession and decided to set up a chain of desserts that combines Japanese cuisine with American cuisine. Now, you can find Chica’s stores in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok and Dubai.

The place is perfect for your romantic visit, especially on the hot summer days. Located at the hat of the East Village. This place offers American ice cream served in a hot delicious Chorus pastry. You've probably heard about this trend already in Europe. But if you eat American ice cream it must be here, not in Europe. The pastry is served hot with American ice cream in it, rich in flavors and various flavors and toppings such as cheesecake ice cream, green tea ice cream and more. In addition to ice creams, you can find cake and crepes in a variety of flavors, puffs filled with ice cream, donuts, cookies, cakes and more.

4. Central Park

Yes, Yes I know it’s  a cliche, but sometimes, clichés are made for a reason. A romantic trip to New York can not take place without a Pinkie in Central Park.

After a full day in the city, take the afternoon, go to one of groceries in around the city (Whole Foods Market/ Trader Joe) branches. And start to assemble you perfect picnic basket. After your done with your shopping, go into to the park but do not sit in the first corner you will see. This is the whole secret of the park, discover it first. Choose a shady corner under one of the many trees in the park (more than 25,000 trees on the spot).

Sit down, eat, drink, look at the other travelers, rest and most importantly, be together. Even if you are on a short visit to the city and just want to see more and more, you will benefit from a little moment of quiet in the midst of all the chaos. My personal recommendation, arrive to the park at dusk when the weather is pleasant and the sun begins to sink, it’s the most beautiful time of day.
**Don’t forget to leave the park at nightfall, it’s unpleasant in the dark**.

If you have food or drink that you do not want to take with you, do not throw it away!  Unfortunately, NY has many homeless people, when leaving the part you will come across some of them. Give them your leftovers. Because there is nothing that feels better than helping another person in need.

5. Food Tours

You didn’t really think I will really finish this list before recommending my famous and amazing food tours right?!

There is nothing like getting to know the city through the stomach. Be it your first time in the city or tenth. This city is renewed every day and there are always new places to meet.

The food tours in the city, especially the sweet ones, upgrade every visit. These are private tours at your pace, quiet, personal so you know you travel leisurely.

The beauty of New York is that it has everything. The tours focus on the American, French and Asian pastries in the city. Modern versus classic, east facing west, sweet and sweet as well, there is also a little salty :)