The best chocolate chip cookies in NY

Did you know that chocolate chip cookies originate in the United States?

In 1938, Ruth Wakefield, an American patisserie chef, created the recipe. The legend says that Ruth introduced chocolate to her cookie recipe and thought that the chocolate would melt and thus she would get a chocolate cookie, the short baking time of the cookies did not melt the chocolate as she intended and that was how the chocolate chip cookies were born.

Ruth gave the recipe for chocolate chip cookies to Nestle, in exchange for a life supply of chip chocolate. Yes, you've heard right, all you NEED LIFE supply of CHOCOLATE!

Nestle printed the recipe on its chocolate chip packaging, and the recipe was published all over the world.

While, making the cookies seems simple: flour, sugar, eggs, butter and chocolate. There is actually a very tough competition in the US for the bragging rights on the ‘perfect cookie'

When you go around the city and go to bakeries, patisserie book stores and patisserie stores you will be able to spot the world famous cookie. In recent years, the popularity of the chocolate chip cookie has skyrocketed, and many bakeries that specialize exclusively in cookies are emerging all over the world. So if you've come to New York, the chocolate chip cookie is a must.

So how do you know where to eat? What to taste? That's why you have this blog.
I took on the hard and ungrateful work, going to taste all the cookies in town. And I did it all for you….. J

If you have ever been in London – you have a surprise at the end of the article. But don’t skip on the other parts!

So – my recommendations:

1. Levain Bakery

This is a 2 branch bakery chain, very famous in the city. The first branch opened in 1995.

The recipe for cookies was developed by the owners of the patisserie shop who developed it during training for the iron man triathlon, during training they has to consume a large number of calories (what a pain right …) so decided to develop a recipe for the world's largest chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe received many positive responses and they made a decision that changed their lives. Turn their bakery into the best and greatest cookie bakery in New York.

Honestly? They certainly win the title of the biggest cookies in town! As for the taste, well, they are in the list right – so you know they are worth it!

When you arrive, you will notice a tiny bakery entrance (the place it at a basement level) with a queue of people who are just itching to taste the famous cookies. The cookie is crispy on the outside and very soft inside. It is very different from the other cookies you can find in the city because this cookie is a plump, juicy cookie that every bite is a craving experience in your mouth. In short, you must try!

Address: 167W 74th St, New York (There is another branch)

2. Insomnia Cookies

This cookie chain was founded in 2004 by Seth Berkowitz, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, which used to study until the wee hours of the night.

Over time, Berkowitz began baking and bringing cookies from the dormitory room to students on campus in the wee hours of the night. He thought – why not have this as a business.  The first retail store opened in 2004 in New York. There are dozens of branches of the chain in the United States, most of which are located near university campuses, providing students who want to order cookies late at night. The chain offers 12 flavors of cookies, cookies will always come hot and some accompanied by cold and refreshing ice cream.

Is it already night? You're in your room and can’t be bothered to leave your games of throws binge … and all you want is an H-O-T cookie delivery? It's that simple! Go to their website and order, wait 30-45 minutes and prepare for elevated levels of sugar rush :)

Address: 116Macdougal St, New York (there are many more branches)

3. Schmackary's

You know I already wrote about this place separately but I could not help but to give this place its rightful honor again and have this in this list. A young man with a very.. Let’s call it ‘progressive’ imagination (that was or was not fueled by different herbsJ) from the state of Nebraska, did not understand why there is no place that makes cookies so special. The same guy started experimenting with lots of cookie recipes. He was not satisfied with simple chocolate cookies. After finding the formula for the special cookie taset, he decided to move to New York City in 2008 and began selling his cookies on the Internet and made deliveries in the city. Following his success a year later, he opened his first store in the city.

Photo by: Schmackary's

You can find cookies with maple bacon, green tea cookies, chunky biscuits, Red Velvet cookies, butane and chocolate butter cookies, cookies with apples, cranberries, cinnamon, raisins, chocolate and more.

Address: 362W 45th St, New York

4. DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

This place is only for cookie addicts! Modern chocolate chip cookies or more accurately chocolate cookie chip dough.

Kristen, who created this controversial dessert, says that when she was a student she bought prepared cookie dough from the supermarket for baking, but the times she could to get it into the oven she had no more dough, she devoured it as is. So, instead of taking a hard look at her life?!? , she decided to create edible cookie dough. The journey was not simple, how to create a raw dough with a minimum bacteria. The road was full of failures until she managed to reach her secret recipe, which is both delicious and edible.

As I mentioned, I would only recommend to the strong stomach and cookie hard core addicts to try it, it is very sweet and unlike anything you have eaten before. If you have not yet tasted one and you think you are up for the task, it's time for you.

Address: 550LaGuardia Pl, New York

5.: Ben's Cookie

Surprise! London flavor in NYC

A cookie chain, most know in London decided to branch out to the big apple. If you've been to London, you probably already know it. This cookie chain founded in 1983 by Helga Rubinstein, who decided to name the store after her son, Ben.

A huge selection of cookie flavors with chocolates, nuts and various spices. Each cookie has a very generous amount of extras. The cookies are baked in a stone oven that gives crispness to cookies. This is the secret of the place.

Although I shouldn’t have favorites…., this is my favorite place among all the places in town. The precise texture of the cookie, the oh so correct relationship between the toppings to the dough, the crisp they get from been baked in the stone oven and the wide variety of cookies is the winning combination for me as the best place in town.

Address: 822Broadway, New York

When going on the cookies binge, don’t forgot to have at least 2 bottles of water, you need something that will counter all that sugar.

Were you in other places? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page, I’ll love to hear about your experience.

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