Four friends, gathered from across the globe. Cyprus, Damascus, Australia and New York, arrived in New York with one common goal. Sounds like the beginning of a spy book, right? Well, it’s not a spy best seller, this is the beginning of the trend that is going to conquer New York this summer - the booza ice cream.

Just before I tell you all about the place you must visit. Let's talk about booza ice cream. It’s an Arabic gum ice cream, fibrous and elastic, with a high level of stickiness that is supposed to delay the melting process in the warm Arab countries. The ice cream is kept at a temperature of between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius.

Photo by: Noah Fecks

The BOOZA ice cream is based on  sahlav (unlike popular common ice creams we know, which are based mainly on crème Angeles), combined with a tree resin extract that gives it a lot of elasticity and a texture that ranges from ice cream to chewing gum.

A few days ago I was invited by the owner of Brooklyn’s REPUBLIC OF BOOZA fot afternoon of the ice cream tasting – of course I cleared my calendar and shoed up! It was a great opportunity to taste the ice cream that was invented 500 years ago and is making a huge comeback in recent years.

Photo by: Noah Fecks

I heard about this ice cream shot a month ago, when it was first opened in the hippest neighborhood in Brooklyn - Williamsburg. I knew at once that one of my visits to the neighborhood would take me to BOOZA. After a few weeks I received the invitation from one of the owners (Mike) who invited me to an afternoon of perfect ice-cream tasting. That day I tasted almost 15 different flavors of BOOZA, from classic to exotic, including horseradish. YES, you read it right - spicy horseradish.

The REPUBLIC OF BOOZA was founded in New York by 4 friends, each of whom met the BOOZA ice cream at one time or another in life and in a different part of the world. All 4 fell in love with the special texture of the ice cream and decided to realize a common dream and open a BOOZA ice cream shoo in NY.

Photo by: Noah Fecks

They started with home experiments to get the perfect recipe for ice cream. They found a special strain of resin spilled from a tree bark that grows exclusively on the island of Chios (Greece), which gives perfect elasticity to ice cream and began importing it from Greece to New York.

When you enter the place and start to taste the special flavors you will feel like you are in a crazy ice cream laboratory. The flavors of the ice cream are very unconventional and made from raw ingredients without any artificial flavors products whatsoever. There are two flavors of vegan ice creams.

Among the special flavors you will find saffron ice cream, tajine, ice cream with spice from Mexico, popcorn and chocolate, algae and coconut, sorbet and basil, and of course the classical flavors like vanilla, oreo, salted caramel and more.

Photo by: Noah Fecks

The ice cream menu is divided into 3 different categories:

Classic - vanilla, chocolate, pistachio - you can actually feel that real pistachios are used, you can also notice its freshness and authenticity (it’s actually pistachio, not artificial taste) through its color, the colors are more earthy tones than the bright colors – that are characteristic to artificial flavor supplements.

One of the recommendations I have received is to try to adapt the palate to the different texture with a familiar taste, so you can compare better to the ice cream you know.

Global - labana and honey, red miso, tazine-mango and others. All the tastes in the global section represent past of the founders history, their private journey in the world. They decided to combine their journey into the ice cream and, to my taste, did so successfully.

Experimental - salted oreo, coconut acacia, mint tahini, chocolate and more ... This is the fun corner, where all sorts of exotic flavors are thrown, some of which seem unrelated but give adventure to the tongue. These are flavors for the more adventurous among you. 

Photo by: Noah Fecks

If you are a bit worried of a chewing gum texture in your mouth, DON’T BE. If I’m being honest this is also the first thought that came to my mind, and I even bothered to clarify to the owners before I arrived that I only blog on places that I personally like because I have a commitment to my readers. And that I usually do not like desserts in gooey textures so take it into account before he invites me ... and ... it's good that he gave me a taste of so many flavors so I had no room to eat the hat :). It was a delicacy and the texture was the best part, so even though it might sound odd - my recommendation – TRY IT!

How much will it cost you? There are 4 types of sizes. The smallest will cost you $ 5.25 while the largest will cost $ 8.25. You can choose whether you prefer the ice cream in the waffle or in the glass.
No matter what size you choose, the most important thing is that you take pictures and send them to me and let me know how it.

Address: 76N 4th, Brooklyn NY

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