Top 10$ or less meals in NYC

NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It’s the city where dreams can come true – if… you can afford itJ. To the unskilled eye it seems like everything here expensive, but in fact, the range is huge. You can find meals for as cheap as 1$ and a meal at the Chef Restaurant for $ 600 per person.

Finding a good meal for less than $ 10 is not a simple task and probably seems impossible for the first time visitor. Well, that is why this article is a MUST for you.

I call it ‘Food on the go”, it’s the style of meals that will allow you to, purchase, eat and still keep exploring the city – not wasting any precious vacation time.

Are you ready? Here it comes. Great meals 10$ or less in NYC

1. Jean Le Gourmand

Located in one of the youngest, colorful and playful neighborhoods in the city - Greenwich Village. This crêpe place is actually part of a chain of restaurants of sweet or salty crêpes that was established in France and branched out to the US a few years back. The huge crêpe machine in the restaurant's space provides an addictive crêpe smell that engulfs the entire place and running to the street itself.

Unlike so many of the other places in the neighborhood you will not have to wait long for your meal. The secret, an innovative crêpe machine that can prepare several crêpes at the same time. You can choose if you like sweet crêpe or salty carp, filled with Nutella or meat with cheese, honey, cheese & mushrooms, coconut or a mix cheese & salmon. If you just want the crêpe, no filling needed, you can also a pack of fresh, unfilled crêpes and eat it on the go.

The price? Up to 6$ for sweet crêpes and up to 8$ for salted crêpes.

Address 301 6th Ave, New York

2. Wok to Walk

A fast food chain based in the Netherlands , specializing in Asian woks. The first restaurant opened in 2004 in the Netherlands and has since opened branches worldwide, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Latvia and more. The network offers self-assembled woks.

First, you choose the type of noodles you want: egg noodles, rice, udon or whole wheat. Then the toppings, you can choose from assorts of vegetables and different types of meat. Add the sauce – teriyaki/ sweet sour/ garlic or black pepper and that’s it, you’re done and ready to go. You can find this in many of the main travel places, with branches in Manhattan and one branch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The price? Ave of 9$ per serving.

Address 42 Union Square E, New York

3. Prince Street Pizza

The place to which all celebrities are flocking in herds. When you enter you can immediately see lots of pic from Celebes that visited this establishment.

The most famous pizza dish here is a square pizza with thick dough plus pepperoni with hot sauce. Even if you prefer your pizza with thin dough, you may want to try this pizza. After all there is a reason why it’s so famous. Usually you will have to wait in line so be prepared and come with equipped with patience.

In 2017, Kim and Chloe Kardashian visited the pizzeria during their trip to New York (as part of their reality show “keeping up with the kardashians”). Since then it has become a pilgrimage to many tourists and locals. From the minute the episode was aired the place has been packing and there is always a long line. Prince Street Pizza became a 'temple' for pizza in the city.

There are no seats in the restaurant, you order your pizza and you can go out into the street to eat it. it’s located in Soho, so the streets are pleasant and nice to walk around.

The price? Up to  10$ per person.

Address: 27 Prince St A, New York

4. Shanghai Heping

If you are a frequent subscriber of the blog you might recognize this place from past articles. And if not – THEN SUBSCRIBE NOW . Despite including this in other lists I’ve decide to include this here as well since its atmosphere really fits the “on the go” cheap and go type of food I’m covering in this list.

In the Heart of China Town, there is an absolute authentic Chinese restaurant that feeds hundreds if not thousands of people a day. The high-tech offices in the city call every day and order a take-away for lunch. There are always tourists groups gathered the entrance while traveling the area. And you? You have got to visit there. The best way I can describe the feeling is: To be in New York and to feel in China. This Chinese restaurant is located in the heart of Chinatown and EVERTYHING about it screams Chinatown. It’s decor, the pace of the wait staff and the greeting by hostess at the entrance.

Do fall for the slightly old appearance, it’s exactly what you should be looking for to get the best deal in town.

Tip: if you are a fan of Dumpling, you need to visit this at the beginning of your trip, so that you will have enough time to come back here again. I would recommend ordering the soup dumpling and the fried dumpling. You don’t really need more than that. As the proteins are not small.

The price: about 10$ per dish

Address: 104 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

5. San Marzano

Again, the frequent subscriber of the blog will know this place, but I just visited there a few days ago and remembered again how good this place is.  For those of you that have not subscribed yet – GUYS! You had all the time from reading about Shanghai Heping till nowJ, come on! Don’t miss out à SUBSCRIBE and if not – THEN SUBSCRIBE NOW.

San Marzano is a nice Italian restaurant located in the east village, the restaurant offers a brunch, lunch and evening menus.
First you pick the type of Pasta you want, then add sauce and toppings. So simple and yet so satisfying. I would focus on the main dishes, they cost like the starters and are much more satisfying, it you’re really hungry, order 2 – it’s that affordable J

Personal tip : don’t skip on the dessert! Even if you are full. You need to try it. Order the ricottella . it’s a delicious  deep fried dough filled with ricotta cheese and Nutella, served with side of very rich whipped cream. For the full article click here. The price? All the dishes are 10$ or less

Address: 2nd Ave, New York 117