Japan Village

So, by name as most of you know, I really like to try Asian food. I discovered a cool place that I want to share with you. It’s the Japan Village – a huge market place dedicated to everything Japan related. With so many carts that sell unique products imported directly from the mother land, from rice noodles to traditional Japanese wine. Located in Brooklyn, it has the biggest Japanese supermarket in all of NYC and gives visitors and authentic taste from a variety of Japanese products.

In the supermarket you can find fresh tofu,fish and butcherie, as well as many imported products from Japan such as sweets, noodles, breads and more. Among the different restaurants in the market you will find a coffee shop that provides traditional and modern Japanese desserts, a stand with 9 different kinds of noodle soup, a stand specializing in Donbori which is rice bowl with all sorts of toppings. That’s also the actual translation of Donbori- "rice bowl dish". This weekend the place is full of people.

The market is not that big , But I think it’s a nice place to visit if you want to have a taste from traditional Japanese dish or purchase something home.

"We want the place to feel like you're on the market in Japan and not like a Japanese grocery store in New York," says the owner, the atmosphere is Japanese and there is Japanese music is played in space to give visitors a feeling that they have stepped into Japan while they are in the market. Another example of the authenticity of this market is the fact that everything that is sold there can be found as is in Japan as well.

Currently the market has only one floor but the owners already have plans to expend and is planning to purchase the second floor and create there an art market where visitors can enjoy ceramics, paintings, pictures and other traditional Japanese art.

Address: 934-3rd Ave, Brooklyn

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