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Hi, I’m Liron, patisserie chef, after working in a number of patisseries and bakeries in Israel and had my own patisserie “pepe desserts” where I delivered baked goods for companies, host patisserie workshops and advising different clients. A few months ago I decided to drop everything and go to the big apple –NYC

The first time I visited the city was in 2015 it was love at first site. I thought to myself, NYC has everything all day every day. I promised myself to go back here.

In NYC I discovered the exciting world of Asian patisseries, I studied the American patisseries, the industry around it and of course investigated the best French patisseries in town. There is a taste here that suits every palate, maybe because of that I love this city so much.

During the past couple of years I’ve been traveling on the TLV-NYC line. Until one day I decide to drop everything I’ve build in Israel, got a one way ticket and came here.

I invite you to join me to a journey of different smells, flavors, love and passion.

New York

Food Tours In NYC

Patisserie Tours in NY

New York. The big apples, the city the never sleeps, where everything is POSSIBLE!

The city has 8.5 residence and about 61 million tourists a year (yes, you are definitely not alone here)

How many bakeries and patisseries are there in town? About 1 for every 10,000 people – A LOT!

New York is the biggest melting pot in the world, different people came here from totally different cultures with different palate. Everyone one brought something different to the city where everything is mixed but you can still smell and tastes the origin of each dish.

I invite you to join me to a patisserie journey around town, for a trip that will be sure to make your palate explode with new tastes. Meet this city the best way possible – though it’s food. We will visit the different American patisseries (both industrial and professional), learn about the exciting, ancient Asian kitchen that is starting to conquer the world. And of course, the ‘crème de la puff’, the undisputed ruler of the patisserie world– the French patisseries. With the best level of precision and accuracy, where every dish is no less than a work of art.

In this journey I will lead you in different sights, smells, tastes, teaching you the ‘way of the land’ and providing special hidden tips on this amazing city, so you can have the best visit!

If your traveling alone, with a partner, kids or in a trip with your best friends. I make sure to tailor the tour that fits you. Just contact my team and I will build the right tour for you.

Haven’t heard about Pepe desserts yet?! – Well – it’s time to get to know us :)

Contact here to get the details for the best tour for you or if you just have questions about food in NY.

 Liron Etsion Pastry Chef.


My personal kitchen has long since become a kitchen that provides treats for New Yorkers.
So if you are looking to upgrade your weekend meals, celebrating a special event or just in the mood to treat yourselves to something sweet and you should always be in the mood to treat yourselves :)  Just click on the link and order.

All orders should be made at least 3 days prior to pickup time, Pick from Lexington Brooklyn (option for delivery).

So if you want to fill that craving just write me and I will make sure you are craving no more!

Have a special request that you cant find anywhere else? write to me directly and I will create a unique desserts personalized to your flavor!


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